Tharun Chelley


Tharun better pronounced like Darren, but with a T. Devastated about missing out on being a millennial by being born in the '90s with MC Hammer being played in the background. 

Before making his journey to the Comedy Village was born and raised in the humble town of Leicester. 

Whilst not using comedy and floundering his way through jokes, he works in the Construction Industry. On a day to day basis he deals with blokes and lads wanting a prompt and decent service.

Little do they know they are ordering it from a cheesy music listening, Blue Peter talking, flamboyant scoundrel. He is also an author and play-write, which leads to him living his life as a dramatic thespian.

Not long ago he was compared to looking like a rejected version of Jason Mamoa!    Well, this is just one of many things you can see, as you and he will explore observations of the working world. How it is being an Asian person in this politically correct world and other snappy remarks.

Leicester, UK

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